FreeBee.TV, is a Streaming TV and Internet access provider. We provide customers access to Roku; Fire TV; Verizon; Frontier; Covad; and other products, services and data.


The birth of FreeBee.TV: FreeBee.TV, is a subsidiary of Modern Technologies co.. Modern Technologies, was established in the year of 1997. Freebee.TV, was created in response to Modern Technologies' customers' constant complaints of high charges being imposed upon them by cable TV companies'; and customers' not enjoying the new developments of the Sreaming TV (OTT/IPTV) industries. From diligent research Modern Technologies, had discovered that several groups of customers existed, whom were found in need of what FreeBee.TV, is now offering. Some customers were not able to afford cable TV, at all; and it seems that since the TV broadcasters are now forced to transmit TV channels digitally (rather than analog) free channels that were once available for free are nolonger. The once free channels, now come in very few and distorted, as if they were being jammed to compel customers into buying cable tv, for there only option. Also, there are still many customers who are unaware of their options to "cut the cord" by dropping their oppressive cable bills for streaming TV service; and other customers who are sticking with cable TV, because of their belief that switching over from cable TV, to streaming TV, will be too complex or inconvenient. Lastly, Modern Technologies, had discovered that there were a final group of customers who were learning of streaming TV, but only through buying into new packages deals from there present cable TV, providers. Thus this final group, were experiencing the streaming TV, service, but not at the price that they should. Mostly all the cable cables' streaming TV packages are designed to keep & lock their present customers in the same oppressive (or higher) rate with hidden costs and complex strings attached (providers constantly offered tricky promo prices to get you in the door and then raise rates after the initial 3, 6 or 12 month period to a rate where they make enormous profits).


Thus FreeBee.TV, strives to inform its customers as much as possible about their alternative options to cable TV, and to make the "cutting the cord" process as easy & convenient as possible. FreeBee.TV, aim to do away with the hidden costs by simply providing clear cut prices; applying no billing escalations to services; and not commiting customers to multiple associating contracts that quotes further costs & conditions. Lastly, streaming TV, offers hundreds and hundreds of free channes, videos, and other contents for those who are on a budget.


FreeBee.TV, hopes to be your main outlet source for sincere streaming TV, info, products, and services.


So be a Cord Cutter, and get FreeBee.TV, now.


Entrepreneurial BIO: The Owner of Modern Technologies, wrote his first computer program around 1980 (yr) on a VIC 20 computer; then he'd continue his interest in computers by using the Tandy TRS 80, and Commodore 64, computers. When he'd reached the age of maturity He had further pusued his interest in technologies by joining the U.S. Army as a Multi Channel Communication Technician (31M).

After being Honorably discharged from the service he'd worked for NYNEX & N.J. Bell (both now known as VERIZON). Thereafter he open a storefront business in 1997 (yr) called Modern Technologies, where he'd maintained inventory and served his custormers by offering, repairing and installing dish satellite, cable TV, computers, mobile phones, and other modern technologies. In 1998(YR) Modern Technologies, was the first to take on a major Cable company to court (excercising the Telecommunication Act of 1996) to protect consumers' rights to own their own TV set top box, rather than being forced to rent them from cable companies. In that litigation the cable company settle out of court; which paved the way in the industry for pro-consumers activism to follow and enforce the "right to own rather than to rent". In 2002 (yr) he had filed with the state and federal regulators for Telecommunications status by forming Choice Communications, Inc.. In 2007(yr) he file for patents to develop his concepts called Webcash; Payportal; and BitBandBooster; and In 2015(yr) he created FreeBee.TV.


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